Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Propolis Recipe

Propolis is wonderful, but what is it?

I keep bees and I'm always amazed on what can be produced from a hive. One thing the general public doesn't know much about is propolis. This substance is produced by the bees by using local tree/bud saps, and other biological material. It creates an antibiotic glue that the bees use to seal their hives. Its extremely sticky, but it also is amazing for its antibiotic properties. If they kill a mouse in the hive, and they can not moev it, then they can actually mummify its corpse with propolis where the corpse.

Here is a quick recipe for how to kick the flu I've gathered from the Bee Forums :

The drink :
Disolve 2 parts cognac to 1 part propolis

The chaser :
Disolve lemon juice and honey into a small amount of warm water (quantities depend on your tastes)

Shoot that shot and quickly take the chaser. Don't over do this, or you will steralize your GI tract, which can lead to other problems.

I hope to have more recipes and interesting information to come. And welcome to my blog

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